RAL Space Early Careers Conference

This online conference brings together space sector professionals to share their experiences with those who are interested in space careers, from GCSE/ BTEC and post-16 students to university students and apprentices. Featuring talks, a panel discussion, and Q&A opportunities, we will highlight careers available in the space industry, what people do in their jobs day-to-day, the skills they use, and their different careers paths. Attendees can ask questions and take part in live polls.

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Scientists, engineers, technicians, project managers, researchers, and product assurance specialists from across the space sector including RAL Space, the UK's national space laboratory.
- Oyuki Chang​, Instrument Scientist at RAL Space, will take part in the discussion panel
- Téa Seitis, Graduate Project Manager in RAL Space's Imaging Systems Division


Zoom webinar OX11 NONE

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