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Science of the Time Lords

  • Saturday 25th January, 2020 – 10am
  • National Space Centre, Leicester

Join the National Space Centre for a fun family weekend where we look at the fact behind the fiction. An even...

Café Science Dundee: Back Pain through the Ages

  • Monday 27th January, 2020 – 7pm
  • Medina Bar and Grill, Dundee

This talk from Katie Larner (University of Dundee) will explain how research into the history of spinal health m...

Seeking wisdom for a sustainable future through the history of a rare York moth

  • Tuesday 28th January, 2020 – 7:30pm
  • Tempest Anderson Hall, Yorkshire Museum, York

The Dark Bordered Beauty moth is one of Britain’s rarest insects, and its last English population is at Strensal...

Black Holes: Imaging the Invisible.

  • Friday 31st January, 2020 – 7:30pm
  • Seething Observatory, Norwich

Black Holes are just that, a black hole in space. So how do you go about taking a picture of one? We know there...

Bernal Lecture 2020

  • Monday 3rd February, 2020 – 4pm
  • Birkbeck , University of London, London - Bloomsbury

The School of Science at Birkbeck invites you to an annual lecture in remembrance of Professor JD Bernal who was...

Supercomputers for Science

  • Tuesday 11th February, 2020 – 7:30pm
  • Tempest Anderson Hall, Yorkshire Museum, York

Computers are increasingly pervasive in all areas of life, but in science they have long been indispensable. In ...

Cosmic Valentine

  • Friday 14th February, 2020 – 7pm
  • National Space Centre, Leicester

Love really can be written in the stars this year, with our team of mixologists, chefs, and scientists creating ...

Ghost 30th Anniversary Screening

  • Saturday 15th February, 2020 – 6pm
  • National Space Centre, Leicester

This Valentine’s Day sit back in the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium and enjoy one of the most romantic movies of ...

Climate Change and Future Generations

  • Tuesday 25th February, 2020 – 7:30pm
  • Tempest Anderson Hall, Yorkshire Museum, York

Climate change is unfolding – and accelerating – across generations. The media plays a key role in shaping publi...

Science Day

  • Saturday 7th March, 2020
  • Ellerdine Village Hall, Telford

STEM Scotland

  • Tuesday 10th March, 2020 – 8:30am
  • Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

Since 2015, STEM Scotland has been the nation's premier gathering of teachers, headteachers, academics, and stak...

How to make lip balm

  • Tuesday 10th March, 2020 – 12pm
  • Phoneix House , Sittingbourne

As part of British Science Week Diversity House Will hosting a workshop on How to create one of your everyday ...

Wave-Particle Duality and the Frightening Consequences

  • Tuesday 10th March, 2020 – 7:30pm
  • Malvern St James, Gt. Malvern

Public lecture organised by the Hereford & Worcester Centre of the Institute of Physics. This is a free event a...

The Science of Photography

  • Saturday 14th March, 2020 – 1pm
  • St Pauls Learning Centre, , Bristol

Come and celebrate British science week with a selection of light and time based experiments and experiences. Fr...

Iris Festival of the Future

  • Wednesday 25th March, 2020 – 3:30am
  • Cheney School, Oxford

A large community event celebrating our Future Season at the Rumble Museum and exploring a range of exciting tec...

Science Fiction Theatre Festival: Antarctica

  • Tuesday 19th May, 2020 – 7pm
  • Pleasance Theatre, London N7 9EF

It’s bigger. It’s better. It’s… Horatio Productions’ Science Fiction Theatre Festival, Antarctica. A full week o...