The chemistry of Star Wars

In a galaxy far, far away, there is a Star Wars universe packed with captivating science, from the biology of alien species to the astrophysics of hyperspace. But what about Chemistry? Join Alex Baker, a chemist from the University of Warwick, as he explores the freezing of Han Solo, the colours of lightsabers, the reactions that power star ships and much more. Buckle up and prepare to be transported on a planet-hopping journey of the science behind Star Wars.

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Alex Baker is an award-winning research chemist and inventor in the Chemistry Department at the University of Warwick. He is a senior founding fellow of the Warwick Institute of Engagement with a passion for engaging the public in all things Chemistry. He believes passionately that everyone should have access to high quality science, so has founded conferences and events targeted at students from under-represented backgrounds. When not in the lab, Alex is a massive nerd - which is a good thing!


The Royal Institution 21 Albemarle St London W1S 4BS

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