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Science Week 24th April-28th April

  • Monday 24th April, 2023 – 9am
  • Anywhere

Want to inspire the future generation of Scientists.. then this is your event. I am looking to provide our children with hands on, exciting science across lots of different jobs. We would love to get ...

Fusion energy: The power of the stars

  • Wednesday 3rd May, 2023 – 7pm
  • The Royal Institution, London

Fusion energy—the power of the stars—offers us the possibility of a clean, sustainable energy future for all. Melanie Windridge gives a comprehensive overview of fusion energy, from its theoretical fo...

Career Fair

  • Thursday 11th May, 2023 – 8:30am
  • Anywhere

Career fair to run all day, (estimated timing 8:30-3:00, Thursday 11th May) with different year groups attending the fair following the school timetable, years 7-10. Pupils will have activities to enc...

How to build a racing car

  • Saturday 13th May, 2023 – 2pm
  • The Royal Institution, London Throughout the show, you- the audience- will have the power to choose how this car is made. Fuelled with fascinating demonstrations, we’ll look under the bonnet of cars; studying their sh...

Muslim Tech Festival

  • Saturday 27th May, 2023 – 9:30am
  • The Royal Institution, London

Join us for the historic Muslim Tech Fest, coming to the Ri this year through a first-of-its-kind collaboration with the festival organisers, Muslamic Makers. Explore careers and opportunities in t...

Blue machine: Uncovering the ocean's power

  • Thursday 1st June, 2023 – 7pm
  • The Royal Institution, London

Join renowned physicist and 2020 Ri Christmas Lecturer Helen Czerski, as she dives deep into the depths of the Earth's oceans and illuminates the engine that powers them all - the energy from sunlight...

Danger: High voltage!

  • Saturday 24th June, 2023 – 2pm
  • The Royal Institution, London

Join Prof David Ricketts as he takes you from a simple static shock to 100,000 Volts of musical tesla coils! Sparks and shocks have entertained science lovers for centuries and for good reason! Discov...

High voltage physics

  • Saturday 24th June, 2023 – 7pm
  • The Royal Institution, London

Join Prof David Ricketts to explore the amazing world of high voltage science, discovering the secrets behind some powerful machinery. David will use demonstrations to explore the developments of this...

The secret superpowers of the seabed

  • The Royal Institution, London

Offshore wind turbines provide us with clean electricity, powering our homes, vehicles and lifestyles. They can help to decarbonise our society and economy to slow climate change. But how do we design...