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Sheffield: A Civilised Place

The title of the walk: Sheffield: A Civilised Place Distance and approx. time it will take: 2¾ miles, 2½ hours  The actual start point: Sheffield Cathedral forecourt (NGR SK 3539 8746) A guided walk along an easy going city centre discovery trail exploring how engineering has developed the city of Sheffield. You will see buildings and structures, various forms of transport (road, rail, tram and water) and the bridges they need. Also essentials like water and power. Date: tbc.

Wanted - British Science Week workshops for whole school (primary)

Looking for: Adviser and Speaker (paid)

British Science Week workshops for whole school (primary)

Hi, I am a science and STEM co-ordinator at a school in Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire. During Science week we are keen to have some presenters in to talk to our pupils aged 4 - 11. This years theme is Connections so something linked to this would be great. We would be keen to also have some workshops if possible.

Wanted - My Science Fair

Looking for: Adviser, Speaker (free), Speaker (paid) and Volunteer

Wanted - Blackpool Primary School Careers Fair

Looking for: Speaker (free) and Volunteer

St Anne's Primary School would like Science Week Ambassadors

During Science Week 2023, we would like each class in our primary school to have a visit from a science ambassador, where the children can hear an inspirational talk or take part in a workshop linked to their career and science. The children usually have lots of questions so the opportunity for these to be answered would be great. We would ideally like someone to come into school to speak to the children but we could also run the session online if this is better for the ambassador. Thank you.

Blog Writers

  • Role(s) wanted: Volunteer
  • Location: Fishtoft, Boston
  • Date required: 1.1.23 Onwards
  • Ad posted by: Ian Hall

Fancy writing a guest post on a cool science blog? Your topic can be anything you choose so long as it's based on science and aimed at casual interest readers. I'm looking for co-contributors to my growing blog "The Average Scientist". Share your knowledge with others. Podcast interview opportunities available throughout 2023 too. Please contact me for further information.

Science Week workshops for Primary

We would like ambassadors to lead activities to create awe and wonder and inspire our children to see STEM careers as possible options for their futures. We would like activities that encourage children to see how STEM is all around us and is so important in so many fields. We hope that they will be able to promote equality and diversity in STEM subjects. There will be a sequence of workshop sessions with about 30-60 children at a time from aged 5-11.

British Science Week

We are a small primary school in Cornwall keen to welcome speakers to share their science connections with our children as part of Science Week. We would like to inspire our pupils through encouraging their love for STEM subjects. We want our pupils to connect with the world of science understanding jobs too & know they will be inspired by someone delivering a talk or taking part in a workshop linked with science careers. Ideally we'd welcome someone to our school however could organise online,

Wanted - Science week - STEM workshops

Looking for: Speaker (free)

Wanted - Science week 2023

Looking for: Adviser, Speaker (free) and Volunteer

Science Speaker/Workshop for KS1 and KS2 Primary

We would like inspiring STEM individuals to please help us promote Science to our pupils and show them links to real life. We would love for these to include some inspiring women. The theme this year is Connections, so if you can link your expertise to this and make it engaging for our pupils aged 4-11, please get in touch! Thank you.

Colvestone Den

HI everybody, I am Science Lead in a small, one form entry primary school, seeking a vibrant specialist/ enthusiast in alternative green energy sources! As part of British Science Week, KS2 are exploring the forms of green energy sources and how they can be used to support us. You will deliver a 30 min class discussion on the benefits of the wonderfully resourceful green energy sources 2023 has to offer! This talk will be delivered to approx 75 KS2 children. Many thanks :)

Guest Speaker and workshops wanted

Hi, I am a science co-ordinator at a school in Tower Hamlets, London. During Science week (W/C 13.03.23) I would love to get a speaker in to do assemblies for the children (ages 4-11). If any workshops are available that would be even better! The theme for this year is Connections; however, any exciting opportunity for the children to learn about science would be greatly appreciatated.


  • Role(s) wanted: Speaker (free)
  • Location: Middlehaven, Middlesbrough
  • Date required: 28th March 2023
  • Ad posted by: Tina Lucas

I am looking for inspiring individuals to come and chat to our students at sixth form college as we have a whole day available. The students are studying science and would like to know more about careers in science and lots of other great stuff.