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RAL Space Early Careers Conference

  • Wednesday 30th November, 2022 – 9:45am
  • Zoom webinar

This online conference brings together space sector professionals to share their experiences with those who are interested in space careers, from GCSE/ BTEC and post-16 students to university students...

2022 International Conference on Technologies in STEM ‘LIVE’

  • Tuesday 13th December, 2022 – 10am
  • Singapore Garden, London

The 2022 International Conference on Technologies in STEM (ICTSTEM 2022), organized by East Asia Research & supported by Australia’s Curtin University, will be live, in-person, in Singapore from Dec 1...

Beyond The Moon Symposium 2022

  • Wednesday 14th December, 2022 – 10:30am
  • Anywhere

The British Interplanetary Society presents a full day looking back at the last men to fly to the Moon, and forward to our future lunar exploration. This event will take place online through Crowdc...

The End of Massive Stars

  • Wednesday 18th January, 2023 – 6pm
  • TBC, London

...physics and thermodynamics that determine these very different outcomes.

My Science Fair

  • Sunday 12th March, 2023 – 9am
  • Wiltshire Music Centre, Bradford-on-Avon

What is the Metaverse?

  • Barnard's Inn Hall, London

What exactly is the Metaverse? And is it really that new? This talk will explore our emotional connections to cyberspace, our feelings of presence and immediacy in online environments, and what thi...