Planet hunting in the cosmos

Lisa Kaltenegger, founding director of the Carl Sagan Institute, has assembled a multidisciplinary team of experts to craft a specialised toolkit for extraterrestrial exploration. Lisa will take us on an enthralling journey across the Universe, utilising her theory that Earth can be used as a Rosetta Stone. Delve into the intriguing possibility of detecting life beyond our home planet and explore the possibility that the answers may lay hidden in these mysterious worlds orbiting foreign stars.

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Lisa Kaltenegger is the Director of the Carl Sagan Institute to Search for Life in the Cosmos at Cornell and Associate Professor in Astronomy. She is a pioneer and world-leading expert in modelling potential habitable worlds and their detectable spectral fingerprint. Her research focuses on rocky planets circling other stars, with a focus on potentially Earth-like exoplanets in the Habitable Zone. Asteroid Kaltenegger7734 is named after her.


The Royal Institution 21 Albemarle St London W1S 4BS

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