Metamorphosis - How Insects Are Changing Our World

Insects outnumber humans 200 million to one, and their impact on people and the planet boasts a similar magnitude. "Metamorphosis: How Insects Are Changing Our World" investigates how insects inspire technology and contribute to the prosperity of humankind. PubSci is delighted to welcome leading entomologist, Dr. Erica McAlister, and award-winning radio producer, Adrian Washbourne, to talk about the heroes of entomology - both human and insect - featured in their book and Radio 4 series.

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Entomologist Dr Erica McAlister is Principle Curator of Diptera and Siphonaptera at London’s Natural History Museum. She is a regular guest on TV and Radio, the author of award-winning natural history books, and in 2019 won the ZSL Award for Communicating Zoology.

Radio producer Adrian Washbourne spent 35 years working for BBC Radio and the World Service, won multiple awards from the Association of British Science Writers, and produced two series of "Metamorphosis" with Erica for BBC Radio 4.


The Old King's Head 45-49 Borough High Street London SE1 1NA

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