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Science Week 24th April-28th April

  • Monday 24th April, 2023 – 9am
  • Anywhere

Want to inspire the future generation of Scientists.. then this is your event. I am looking to provide our children with hands on, exciting science across lots of different jobs. We would love to get ...

The dark energy of Einstein’s aftermath

  • Tuesday 25th April, 2023 – 7pm
  • The Royal Institution, London

...nature of the Big Bang but the essence of dark energy — and with it, the future of the universe

Career Fair

  • Thursday 11th May, 2023 – 8:30am
  • Anywhere

Career fair to run all day, (estimated timing 8:30-3:00, Thursday 11th May) with different year groups attending the fair following the school timetable, years 7-10. Pupils will have activities to enc...

An introduction to particle physics (short course)

  • Monday 15th May, 2023 – 7pm
  • The Royal Institution, London

...nature at the highest energies and shortest distances that we can probe in a laboratory, an ambitious attempt to construct a fundamental picture of what the universe is made from and how it works. ...

Re-telling the story of science

  • Tuesday 16th May, 2023 – 7pm
  • The Royal Institution, London

...nature of science.

Islam and the modern evolutionary paradigm

  • Monday 22nd May, 2023 – 7pm
  • The Royal Institution, London

Evolution remains a contentious topic for many religious believers, a product of the complex relationships between science and religion. In this insightful evening with Shoaib Ahmed Malik, an expert c...

Amazing animals

  • Thursday 17th August, 2023 – 2pm
  • Anywhere

Throughout the animal kingdom, creatures have developed amazing abilities. In this interactive show, the audience will be challenged to complete tasks that have been used in real life to test the inte...

How did monsters help unlock the secrets of life?

  • Thursday 24th August, 2023 – 7pm
  • The Royal Institution, London

Monsters have existed in literature and science for centuries, but they're more than just a source of fear. They also act as a crucial key to unlocking the mysteries of life. Join Andrew Mangham as he...

Our World, Our Future: The Climate Change Workshop

  • England and Wales

Explore the challenges facing our planet in our drama workshop for Year 1 to Year 6. Part PSHE, geography, science, and drama, the workshop encourages children to explore environmental challenges w...

The Royal Parks Outdoor Learning Sessions

  • Hyde Park, London

...nature and learn about the park environment, wildlife and heritage with interactive experiences online and hands-on practical activities in Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, St James’s Park and Brompton ...