Discourse: Beyond the perception envelope with Conrad Shawcross

This Discourse will be an evening of exploration of the interconnectivity between art and science, as both process and practice - and how humanity's insatiable curiosity fuels the development of both fields. Over the three-decade practice of British artist Conrad Shawcross, he has dedicated himself to delving into the intricate depths of human perception, employing a nuanced fusion of geometry, philosophy, and optics. Join us for an evening of exploration of science through an artistic lens.

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Imbued with an appearance of scientific rationality, Conrad Shawcross’s sculptures explore subjects that lie on the borders of geometry and philosophy, physics and metaphysics. Attracted by failed quests for knowledge in the past, he often appropriates redundant theories and methodologies to create ambitious structural and mechanical montages, using a wide variety of materials and media, and often working on an epic scale.


The Royal Institution 21 Albemarle St London W1S 4BS

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