The first human womb transplant

Following two decades of steadfast research, the first-ever UK human womb transplant took place between two sisters in early 2023. Join surgeons and co-leaders of the effort Richard Smith and Isobel Quiroga as they share the remarkable 25-year journey of research and collaboration, and the hope to extend this life-changing opportunity to more people in the future, marking a significant milestone in medical history. Join two leaders in the field as they explore the future of womb transplants.

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Richard Smith is a consultant gynaecological surgeon at the West London Gynaecological Cancer Centre. He founded the charity Womb Transplant UK which helps fund research including two programmes of transplant operations. He is the chairman of the charity and leader of their research team.

Isabel Quiroga is a consultant surgeon and clinical lead for organ retrieval in Oxford, and has been the course director of the National Organ Retrieval Masterclass in the UK for 9 years.


The Royal Institution 21 Albemarle St London W1S 4BS

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