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Are we too reliant on Medical Imaging?

  • Tuesday 4th October, 2022 – 6pm
  • Gresham College, London

Imaging is used every day in medical healthcare, and the likelihood is that if you go to hospital that you will receive an X-ray, ultrasound or CT scan. With increasing reliance on complex imaging and...

The Microbial Basis of Life

  • Wednesday 5th October, 2022 – 6pm
  • David Game College, London

Single-celled microbes underpin all life on Earth, and even complex organisms like humans retain a surprising amount of their microbial heritage. Life began when free molecules became encapsulated in ...

Strange science with Dr Karl

  • Saturday 8th October, 2022 – 6pm
  • The Royal Institution, London

Join us for a entertaining evening of adventurous anecdotes, terrific tales and some all-round scintillating science with our favourite Australian science presenter. Dr Karl is famous the world ove...

Should We Permit Voluntary Assisted Dying?

  • Monday 24th October, 2022 – 1pm
  • Barnard's Inn Hall, London

The English courts have wrestled with challenges to the restrictions on euthanasia and assisted suicide for years, while the government has resisted calls to liberalise the law. Meanwhile, terminally ...

Rethinking Learning: New Models for Online Learning

  • Monday 31st October, 2022 – 6pm
  • Barnard's Inn Hall, London

During the pandemic global education was disrupted. From the “emergency remote teaching” phase of 2020, through to new models of online and hybrid learning, we have seen significant changes in the per...

Starting up a bio-based small business in Yorkshire

  • Tuesday 15th November, 2022 – 7pm
  • The Guildhall York, York

Clara Challoner Walker, a graduate chemist and associate of the Royal College of Science, started The Cosy Cottage Soap Company in 2015. She will share how, using her knowledge of chemistry and cell b...

buytapenta - Seamless Service

  • Anywhere

The customers who buy products from any service from a website generally look for perfect and seamless service from the provider. It means addressing all the requirements of the customers and deliveri...