Short course: An introduction to particle physics (2024)

Particle physics is the study of nature at the highest energies and shortest distances that we can probe in a laboratory, an ambitious attempt to construct a fundamental picture of what the universe is made from and how it works. A repeat of his successful short course, Cambridge physicist Harry Cliff will discuss the current state of particle physics and the key experiments and insights that led to the development of the Standard Model. The course will consist of 6 sessions.

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Harry Cliff is a particle physicist at the University of Cambridge working on the LHCb experiment, a huge particle detector buried 100 metres underground at CERN near Geneva. He is a member of an international team of around 1400 physicists, engineers and computer scientists using LHCb to study the basic building blocks of our universe in search of answers to some of the biggest questions in modern physics.


The Royal Institution 21 Albemarle St London W1S 4BS

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