Discourse: The science of happiness

In this Discourse, renowned psychologist and former Christmas Lecturer Bruce Hood shifts focus from self-care to connection. Through seven transformative lessons grounded in neuroscience and developmental psychology, Bruce unveils a new narrative on well-being. From altering your ego to connecting with others, each lesson provides practical takeaways, empowering you to rewire your thinking. Join Bruce for insights into happiness, breaking free from negative patterns, and transforming your life.

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Bruce Hood is an award-winning Professor of Developmental Psychology at Bristol University and the author of several books including SuperSense, The Self Illusion, The Domesticated Brain, and Possessed. His course, The Science of Happiness, is the most popular course at Bristol University. He has appeared extensively on TV and radio, including co-hosting the BBC podcast The Happiness Half Hour in 2021. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Society and the British Psychological Society.


The Royal Institution 21 Albemarle St London W1S 4BS

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