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I'm a Scientist, Get me out of here!

  • Thursday 4th January, 2024
  • Anywhere

I’m a Scientist is a student-led, online enrichment activity connecting students with people working in a diverse range of roles in STEM. During the activity, students: Learn about up to 30 relev...

Nature without Nurture - What’s Wrong with Blank Slate View?

  • Wednesday 17th April, 2024 – 6:30pm
  • The Old King's Head, London

In the debate over the influence of inheritance versus environment on our personalities, the "blank slate" theory held sway for decades. So, are we born as raw canvases upon which the world uniquely t...

Discourse: The science of happiness

  • Wednesday 26th June, 2024 – 7:15pm
  • The Royal Institution, London

...psychology, Bruce unveils a new narrative on well-being. From altering your ego to connecting with others, each lesson provides practical takeaways, empowering you to rewire your thinking. Join Bruce...