Coral Reefs in a Warming World

*Watch Online/In person*:Professor Nick Graham exams how Coral reefs are transforming under climate change. What is the nature of this change and the major influences upon it? The role of common management approaches is also changing. Seabird nutrient inputs through guano can benefit coral and fish growth, and have potential to help coral reefs recover from disturbances. Fisheries are responding to coral reef degradation in unpredictable ways with some finding fish stocks are holding up well.

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Professor Nick Graham is a Royal Society University Research Fellow and a Chair in Marine Ecology. He tackles large-scale ecological and social-ecological coral reef issues under the overarching themes of climate change, human use and resilience. He has assessed the impacts of climate induced coral bleaching on coral reef fish assemblages, fisheries and ecosystem stability. He has studied the patterns & processes by which degraded coral reefs recover, and how this can be influenced by management


Gresham College Barnard's Inn Hall Holborn EC1N 2HH

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