FameLab North West final

Join us for the North West final of FameLab, live from Leaf on Bold St. FameLab is the biggest science communication competition in the world! Hear scientists from across the region battle it out to share their work in just three minutes - have they got the charisma, clarity and content to be the next science communication superstar?! You can expect cutting edge science, interactive activities and a talk from special guest Chloe James. Tickets are FREE!

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Microbial Puppet Masters!

Phages are the most abundant and diverse organisms on Earth and phage therapy has great potential to fight bacterial infections, particularly those resistant to antibiotics - they could revolutionise treatments in the future! Come and hear about the promise and power of these microscopic heroes as Professor Chloe James chats about her exciting research with Professor Andy Miah, Academic Lead for Engagement, University of Salford.

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