Peter Horton

Peter Horton

The world view provided by Gaia science shows us how the planet really works and where we as a species fit in. The insights it gives us are fundamental in assessing the impact of human activity on the natural world, and particularly relevant for an understanding of the issues of sustainability and climate change. Gaia's Company explores the cultural implications of the Gaia world view in a practical and entertaining way, through performance, interactive workshops and educational events.

Skills and experience

  • Institution: Gaia's Company
  • Current position: director, writer and performer

I have been researching Gaia Theory and it’s social and cultural implications for the past 25 years, working closely with James Lovelock, Dr Michael Whitfield, former Director of the Marine Biology Association of Great Britain, and Dr Tim Lenton, Professor of Earth System Science at Exeter University. For information on 'Gaia - the Cabaret!', 'Gaia Kwaia', Interactive Workshops and the Teaching Gaia Science Project visit the website:

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Particular focus on how Earth System Science can inform, encourage and sustain the transition to regenerative communities, using interactive and entertaining workshops and performance. All ages.

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