David Stevenson

David Stevenson

With a PhD in Genetics from Cambridge, I've expanded my repertoire to include astronomy, astrobiology, planetary geology and weather. I've written "Extreme Explosions", "Under a Crimson Sun", "Complex Lives of Star Clusters", "The Exo-Weather Report" and most recently "The Nature of Life and its Potential tor Survive". I've recently authored papers on Winter Weather Patterns in the UK and Evolutionary Exobiology. I live with my lovely wife and family and teach in Nottinghamshire.

Skills and experience

  • Institution: Carlton le Willows
  • Current position: Head of Biology and Applied Science

First Class BSc Molecular Biology - Glasgow University PhD Plant Molecular Biology - Cambridge University PGCE Secondary Education - Leicester University Second Level Open University Courses - Astronomy and Planetary Science and How the Earth Works Nine years working in academia and twelve years teaching. I continue to publish peer-reviewed academic works.

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David Stevenson - Speaker (free)

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David Stevenson - Speaker (free)

I am an experienced speaker, teacher and academic. I've developed my own niche in the astrobiology community, bringing together geography; evolutionary biology and planetary science. So, if you are interested in finding out where the aliens are; why some habitable planets will likely never host intelligent life; or would just like to find out about the origin and evolution of life on Earth or elsewhere, I would be very willing to deliver a talk.

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