Dr Russell Arnott

Dr Russell Arnott

Having been an oceanographer & a physics teacher, Russell is now a marine scientist at the University of Bath. As well as being a researcher, Russell is also presenter for Incredible Oceans, educating people of all ages about the marine environment. As well speaking at events across Europe and the USA, he has performed at music festivals such as Wilderness, Elderflower Fields and Gone Wild & science festivals including Cheltenham, Brighton, Bradford, Oxford & The Big Bang Fair SE.

Skills and experience

  • Institution: Incredible Oceans
  • Current position: Director / Presenter

Russell has produced a series of all-ages workshops and presentations designed to support the existing Science National Curriculum while "accidentally" teaching people about the marine environment. Using the "charismatic megafauna" of the oceans to engage people about the oceans and the issues surrounding it, the marine environment acts as a fantastic springboard to discuss all sciences. Russell also aims to bring his research into his presentations, keeping them real, relevant and up-to-date.

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