Stefan Gates

Stefan Gates

Stefan is a BBC food & science writer/presenter (16 TV series and 6 books) creating spectacular, high-energy events full of explosive chemistry, physics, biology, tech and extraordinary food. Every year he creates the huge Big Bang Fair headline shows and sell-out shows for Cheltenham and Cambridge SciFests, including: Gastronaut, Fartology, Chocolatology, Insect-eating. Expect robots, insects, rockets, flamethrowers, fire-extinguisher, flavour-filled vortex cannons and complex risk assessments.

Skills and experience

  • Institution: Gastronaut
  • Current position: Producer/Presenter/Writer

Stefan has created and performed over 700 live interactive events from vast family shows for festivals to corporate events, exhibition shows, conferences, lectures as well as schools shows and workshops. They are all about extraordinary science and food. His BBC series as sole writer/presenter include Cooking in the Danger Zone (BBC2), Can Eating Insects Save the World (BBC4), Food Factory (BBC1), and also high-energy kids shows including Gastronuts and Incredible Edibles (CBBC).

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Current shows include FARTOLOGY: A hilarious journey through the human body packed with physics, chemistry and biology, huge whoopee cushions and the world's loudest fart machine GASTRONAUT EXTREME/SCIENCE YOU CAN EAT: A spectacular show about the science of food, full of edible chemical reactions and vortex canons DOGOLOGY/CATOLOGY Fascinating quirks of canine and feline science with a tame robot SCIENCE OF SWEETS: A demo-packed adventure into the science of sweets, snacks, and gum

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