Martin Coath

Martin Coath

Martin started as a chemist, moved to computer science and from there in to neuroscience. He is currently working on climate change as part of EU funded ‘Blue Action’ project (University of Lapland) developing workshops as Associate Lecturer in the Doctoral College (Plymouth University) and as ‘Scientist in Residence’ (PSCA).

Skills and experience

  • Institution: University of Lapland
  • Current position: Senior Researcher

Martin is a lecturer, trainer, and freelance presenter with many clients including Universities, The French Education Department, The Royal Institution, Wellcome Trust as well as Museums, Festivals and Schools. He was a Famelab finalist and twice winner of “I’m a Scientist Get Me Out of Here!”.

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Martin Coath - Speaker (free)

Martin Coath - Speaker (paid)

Martin Coath - Speaker (paid)

Developed for hands-on activities in small groups 'Supermarket Scientist' shows that almost anything that can be bought in a supermarket can be used to do science. Everything is 100% repeatable with everyday items (and a bit of adult supervision), no cheating by bringing along liquid nitrogen, or any such exotic stuff!

Martin Coath - Speaker (paid)

The workshop 'The Power and Limits of Science' started as a research project (Christchurch College Canterbury, LASAR project) and it is designed to encourage students to think about the sorts of questions which can, and cannot be fully addressed using purely scientific arguments.

Martin Coath - Speaker (paid)

Featured at the The London Science Museum, The Cheltenham Science Festival, British Science Week, Forum Départemental des Sciences (Lille), and many schools 'The Brain Game' is a flexible set of fun activities that can be reconfigured for a wide range of participants. It gets people to pass messages around in a way that shows how brain cells work; it recruits the audience to play the part of axons; and it is a very exciting game!

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