Matthew Tosh

Matthew Tosh

Matthew Tosh is a hugely popular firework science presenter and regularly appears at schools and festivals across the UK. He’s both an experienced presenter and a professional working pyrotechnician, so you always get the real deal with Matthew! As a former teacher, you can be sure that Matthew will provide an experience that is engaging, exciting and expertly pitched for your audience. His work has won international support from the global fireworks industry.

Skills and experience

Matthew’s career spans teaching, pyrotechnics, broadcasting and project management. He taught science for five years and became known for his extraordinary, creative and visual demonstrations. He is responsible for managing crews and firework safety at many professional firework displays around the UK. Matthew also provides safety advice for demonstrations on TV shows, at science festivals and tours. Matthew champions LGBTQ equality. You can be sure of safe, inclusive and exciting shows!

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Matthew Tosh - Adviser

Health and Safety advice for science festivals, high-profile stage shows and demonstrations, including reviewing risk assessments. I’ve won repeated commissions for my proactive approach at bridging the gap between what a performer wants to do and legal H&S obligations. My risk assessments and H&S processes are trusted as being thorough by both my firework and science communication colleagues. Previous clients include Cheltenham Festivals and Greg Foot.

Matthew Tosh - Speaker (paid)

THE FX FACTOR: Flames, smoke and pyro are used on TV, in films and on stage to add explosive atmosphere, but how do scientists go about making these effects? Join Matthew Tosh to find out and explore the amazing world of live special effects. Learn how to make a controlled column of fire or ankle hugging fogs without choking the audience and much more. Packed with demos, freezing jets, bubbling flasks, smoke and one or two explosions, this is the very serious science behind stage effects.

Matthew Tosh - Speaker (paid)

REAL SCIENCE OR JUST BANGS: THE SCIENCE OF FIREWORKS Explore the colourful and explosive world of pyrotechnics as Matthew deconstructs the science behind firework displays. He'll demonstrate how to create colours, different sound effects, shock waves and perfectly timed bursts in time to music, whilst ensuring that displays are safe. Fully customisable to fit your venue or event and featuring real indoor fireworks, this is an exciting and dramatic show featuring real science.

Matthew Tosh - Speaker (paid)

CARVE A CAREER: A cross-curricular thought-provoking session that opens the minds of the audience as they begin to carve their own careers: Determination, seeing failure as an opportunity and being positive about mental health. This an immersive experience. I showcase and demonstrate media, broadcasting examples, event case studies, voiceovers, special effects and even a foreign language. The session reinforces the importance of self-belief, building networks and the power of an open mind.

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