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I'm a Scientist, Get me out of here!

  • Thursday 4th January, 2024
  • Anywhere

I’m a Scientist is a student-led, online enrichment activity connecting students with people working in a diverse range of roles in STEM. During the activity, students: Learn about up to 30 relev...

The balanced brain: The science of mental health

  • Monday 4th March, 2024 – 7pm
  • The Royal Institution, London

There are many routes to mental well-being, and award-winning neuroscientist Camilla Nord is at the forefront of finding them. In this lecture, she offers a revelatory tour of the scientific and techn...

An Islamic perspective on mental health (online)

  • Wednesday 13th March, 2024 – 4pm
  • The Royal Institution

In an era where mental well-being is gaining increased recognition, Rania Awaad offers a thought-provoking journey into the intersection of Islamic teachings and contemporary mental health practices. ...

Pioneers of Science and Medicine in Willesden Jewish Cemetery

  • Thursday 14th March, 2024 – 11am
  • Willesden Jewish Cemetery, London

Discover the ground breaking scientists, renowned doctors and great industrialists buried at Willesden Jewish Cemetery. Learn about the fascinating lives of talented men and women who made invaluab...