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Strange science with Dr Karl

  • Saturday 8th October, 2022 – 6pm
  • The Royal Institution, London

Join us for a entertaining evening of adventurous anecdotes, terrific tales and some all-round scintillating science with our favourite Australian science presenter. Dr Karl is famous the world ove...

Discover Lectures - Live! Ada Lovelace Day

  • Tuesday 11th October, 2022 – 11am
  • University of Huddersfield Queensgate Campus, Huddersfield

*Watch live online, steaming from The University of Huddersfield* 'The Power of Abstraction - Using Mathematics to Simplify the Digital World' presented by Dr Qunfen Qi. This Discover Lecture is...

The Maths of Coins and Currencies

  • Tuesday 11th October, 2022 – 1pm
  • David Game College, London

People have used money – and made counterfeits - for thousands of years. Archimedes came up with a clever way of finding out if you’ve been cheated by a goldsmith. Making coins with the right proporti...

Ideas About Proof in Mathematics

  • Wednesday 19th October, 2022 – 4pm
  • Barnard's Inn Hall, London

Joint lectures with the British Society for the History of Mathematics. This event will focus upon mathematical proofs. The main speaker, Professor Agathe Keller (6pm) will look at decolonisation of ...

Public Eclipse Watch

  • Tuesday 25th October, 2022 – 10am
  • Welwyn Garden City

There will be a partial eclipse of the Sun on the morning of October 25, when the Moon will partly cover the Sun. Hertford Astronomy Group is planning to hold a Public Eclipse Watch, with a variety o...

The Royal Parks Outdoor Learning Sessions

  • Hyde Park, London

Connect with nature and learn about the park environment, wildlife and heritage with interactive experiences online and hands-on practical activities in Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, St James’s Park ...