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Zan Nadeem

Zan Nadeem

Zan has a first class degree in Robotics, staring it with only an interest in how things work and and little actual experience. "Going through that steep learning curve was really scary. But now I realise it makes me a much better teacher for students and staff alike." Zan has been teaching kids how to make robots and how to code for 8 years now. Her high level of student retention and recommendations from staff are testament to the fact that students have a lot of fun and learn lots too.

Skills and experience

  • Institution: Restech
  • Current position: Education Director

All kinds of robotics based workshops and activities including: - Enrichment/Immersion days - G&T sessions - Primary/Secondary Transition projects - Festivals/Conferences - INSET/Staff training - PRUs/Difficult children - Adults from troubled backgrounds We are hugely experienced and are very likely to be able to help you, whatever you have in mind. Visit for more info

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