Architecture Workshops

Architecture Workshops

Architecture Workshops are hands-on fun educational activities for all Key Stages and abilities. Designed to enhance the national curriculum and to be a catalytic support to teachers. All aspects of STEM are involved in every workshop we do, even in our History & Humanity workshops. Please visit our website or email for a PDF brochure.

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  • Institution: Manchester Metroploitan Univeristy
  • Current position: Director

Our STEM & STEAM orientated workshops challenge, enthral and educate in equal measure. The genius of our workshops is that we only use wooden dowel and rubber bands, through which we make learning fun and the complex simple. Using gross and fine motor skills, creativity, problem solving and teamwork, the workshops promote higher order thinking, growth mindset and resilience, leading to increased self esteem in participants.

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Architecture Workshops - Speaker (paid)

Designed to enhance the curriculum and provide catalytic support for teachers we have been developing workshops since 1985. We have activities for all Key Stages & Abilities and all workshops contain elements of STEM and aid fine and gross motor skills. Our History & Humanities workshops are topic based, while STEAM workshops are design and make exercises help develop pupils as creative thinkers, effective participants, independent enquirers, reflective learners and resilient individuals.

Architecture Workshops - Speaker (paid)

STEM & STEAM Workshops For All Key Stages, From Reception To KS5. Make Your Science Week Come Alive With Our Unique Range Of Hands On Activities. Designed To Enhance The Curriculumn, While Making The Complex Simple And Learning Fun. STEM Workshops; Ferris Wheel; Geodesic Structures; Millennium Bridge/Dome; Octahedral Towers; Roller Coaster STEAM Workshops; Bridges, Shelters; Sculptures; Skyscrapers; since 1996

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