Iain Murray

Iain Murray

Dr Iain Murray went to the University of Dundee in 1982 where he gained an undergraduate degree in electronics and a postgraduate research degree on the subject of speech synthesis. He has been a lecturer in Computing there since 1991, still with an interest in speech synthesis and communication technology. He is a Member of the British Computer Society and is a member of their academic accreditation team. He has been interested in the work of Sir Barnes Wallis for many years.

Skills and experience

  • Institution: University of Dundee
  • Current position: Senior Lecturer in Computing

My main areas of interest are: * the work of engineer Sir Barnes Wallis, famous as the designer of airships (including R.100), aircraft (including the Vickers Wellington) and the "bouncing bomb" used by The Dambusters in 1943 * adding emotion and personality to synthesised speech, and the use of synthetic speech in Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) systems for disabled users

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The work of Sir Barnes Wallis covers the key aviation developments of the 20th century from airships through novel aircraft structures to swing-wing supersonic aircraft, although he is best-remembered as the designer of the "bouncing bomb" used to attack dams during World War II. I am able to speak about any aspect of Wallis's career, or give a general overview of his whole career. I am a trustee of the Barnes Wallis Foundation.

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