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Ginny Smith

Ginny Smith

A science writer and presenter with expertise in psychology & neuroscience, Ginny has a talent for making the complex comprehensible and a passion for brain science. She founded Braintastic! Science, which produces science shows & resources to help young people understand their brains. She presents podcasts and videos, and her latest book ‘Overloaded’, about brain chemistry, is now out. She also shares her skills as a science communication trainer and consultant. For more:

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Ginny is regularly found on stage at schools, festivals and events. She teaches at the Univeristy of Cambridge ICE and hosts the British Psychological Society’s Psych Crunch Podcast, a skill honed through working with The Naked Scientists on their BBC radio show and podcast. She has written 5 books for DK publishing and is a regular blogger and video presenter for the Cosmic Shambles Network, alongside some of the biggest names in science, from Brian Cox to Matt Parker.

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My stage shows and workshops about the brain, aimed at ages 7-adult are highly interactive and demo led. I have performed at schools, science festivals and events around the UK and overseas, bringing my passion for neuroscience and a suitcase full of tricks to help you understand your brain better. I love to include Q&A at the end of my shows, answering questions on anything from dreams to brain transplants! For more details of my shows, please see my website:

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