Laurence Scales

Laurence Scales

Since 2008 I have been offering tours based around characters from the history of science, engineering and medicine in London. Surprising life stories, curious personalities and adventures, and forgotten by-ways of history are my passion. I am a volunteer at the Royal Institution and Royal Society of Arts archives, and a freelance writer for I trained at university as an engineer and have worked in responsible positions in different technological industries.

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  • Current position: Freelance

Through long interest, and my volunteering in the Royal Institution and Royal Society of Arts archives, I have an unparallelled range of fascinating people to talk about. I have attended training sessions by the Museum of London including Customer Care, Disability Awareness, and Family Friendly Tours. I have set science quiz questions for the British Library and been interviewed on BBC Radio London. Clients have included Imperial College and visitors from America, Sweden and Finland.

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Laurence Scales - Speaker (paid)

I give lectures (6th form to adult) on this history of science, technology and medicine in London. I also give tours for small groups in London on a variety of historical characters from within these subjects. Their strange adventures and curious personalities make their stories surprising and entertaining. You don't need to be a scientist to enjoy them. The last two years I have been researching the history of engineering in Europe, aspects of which I can cover in lectures.

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