Elaine Kasket

Elaine Kasket

Professor Elaine Kasket is a Counselling Psychologist, author of All the Ghosts in the Machine, and an expert on life, death, privacy, and power in the digital age. She is an experienced and sought-after keynote speaker, appearing at events such as TEDx, Latitude, Edinburgh Fringe, Edinburgh Science Festival, and House of Beautiful Business. In her clinical work she specialises in stress, anxiety, OCD, and relationships, and works with people experiencing crises of meaning, value, and purpose.

Skills and experience

  • Institution: University of Wolverhampton
  • Current position: Honorary Professor of Psychology

Elaine is an experienced lecturer and speaker and frequent media expert and commentator, to include radio and TV; science, literary, creative, and ideas festivals; academic conferences; corporate events; print media, and podcasts. She hosts and produces the Still Spoken podcast. She is a skilled panel chair and interviewer. She writes both fiction and nonfiction (general and academic) and performs stories at The Moth and other on-stage projects. She is a practising therapist and trainer.

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As a keynote speaker and trainer, I provide insights on living with technology, digital legacy, social media, grief and mourning, online privacy, navigating modern mediated relationships, and various psychological issues such as anxiety, depression, getting unstuck, mobilising towards values-orientated living, stress, burnout, and crises of meaning, value and purpose. I've spoken on kids, grief, and social media and do psychology careers talks. I'm an experienced interviewer and panel chair.

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