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Stefanie Knappe

Stefanie Knappe

I am currently a PhD researcher working on muscle regeneration, but my true passion is science communication. I love talking to different audiences about science. I particularly love talking about the philosophy of science and how we can lead a better life with critical thinking. I am also one of 10 early career researchers representing the Ask For Evidence campaign by Sense About Science as an Ask For Evidence Ambassador.

Skills and experience

  • Institution: King's College London
  • Current position: PhD researcher

Events I have presented at: - Royal Society Summer Science Festival 2014 - Brighton Science Festival March 2016 - Worthing Skeptics in the Pub, March 2016 - London SE Humanists, April 2016 Other experience - Public engagement training: "Communicating your Science Workshop 2014" (Genetics Society) and "Standing up for Science in the Media Workshop 2015" (Sense About Science) - Brilliant Club tutor, delivering university-style tutorials to year 9-12 students

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