Ian Hall

Ian Hall

I'm an avid science reader, mature Astrophysics student, prolific blogger and passionate science communicator. I started my blog in early 2022 with a view to creating easy to digest articles for the casual interest reader and this progressed to speaking publicly on these subjects and conducting 'TAS Talks' which are a high level presentation of a subject area and then discussion/interaction around any philosophical or sociological implications.

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  • Institution: The Average Scientist
  • Current position: Founder

I'm a mature Astrophysics student, blogger and science communicator. I specialise in talking about the size and scale of the Universe, The Big Bang, gravity and SETI. I can also speak on subjects such as Quantum Mechanics and theoretical physics. My presentations are geared toward casual interest audiences and can be specifically tailored for children aged 5 to 16. They are largely non-technical and can be delivered lecture style or as interactive workshops.

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I'm a mature Astrophysics student and run my blog 'The Average Scientist' which is aimed at casual interest readers. From The Average Scientist blog grew 'TAS Talks'. These are bitesize presentations of topics such as 'The size and scale of the Universe', 'Gravity', 'The scientific search for extra-terrestrial intelligence' plus lots of others. They can be tailored for primary school children or adults and are designed specifically to stimulate interest, questions and discussion.

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