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Braintastic! Science - Speaker (paid)

Our range of live shows, virtual events and interactive experiences are all designed by a real-life brain scientist. They help children challenge their understanding of the mind in meaningful ways through activities, illusions and experiments. We’re passionate about educating children and sharing our mind-bending science knowledge with schools, events and families. Let us help you too! We can currently provide shows remotely (via Zoom, or other video platform of your choice) or in person.

Beth Nichol - Speaker (free)

I'd like to attend an event to discuss the OCTAHEDRON project with the public and hear about their thoughts and concerns in an interactive and engaging way. The project aims to develop an early diagnostic tool for neurological disorders such as Parkinson's. To do this, it is using NHS data from 3D eye scans and artificial intelligence to create an algorithm. More information about OCTAHEDRON can be found here: https://www.ncl.ac.uk/press/articles/latest/2020/09/aiforparkinsonsandalzheimers/

Elaine Kasket - Speaker (paid)

As a keynote speaker and trainer, I provide insights on living with technology, digital legacy, social media, grief and mourning, online privacy, navigating modern mediated relationships, and various psychological issues such as anxiety, depression, getting unstuck, mobilising towards values-orientated living, stress, burnout, and crises of meaning, value and purpose. I've spoken on kids, grief, and social media and do psychology careers talks. I'm an experienced interviewer and panel chair.

Colchester Zoo Education - Speaker (paid)

Colchester Zoo can offer a range of educational sessions, workshops, and presentations on a wide range of topics including real world applications of STEM (including maths and psychology), and careers in STEM with a focus on the world of animal care and conservation. We can deliver education for schools from R to Post 16 as well as family and adult events. Please see our website for full details shorturl.at/dnKX1 or contact us as education@colchesterzoo.org

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