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Rebecca Osborne - Speaker (paid)

ANIMATION STYLES INCLUDE: Hand drawn animation Whiteboard style animation Papercut style animation Explainer videos Voice over - choice of actors/ dialects Music synchronisation Sound effects Bespoke music composition available Sign language interpretation available Captioning/ subtitles available **Please contact me for a quote**

Jon Evans - Speaker (free)

A 30-minute talk called What's the Big Idea?, where I count down the top 10 biggest ideas in science in the style of Top of the Pops. Based on my book 'The Big Ideas in Science'.

Daisy Shearer - Volunteer

I am a PhD candidate in experimental condensed matter physics at the University of Surrey’s Advanced Technology Institute, working within the Photonics and Quantum Sciences group in the physics department. My PhD research focuses on semiconductor spintronics for quantum technology applications. Alongside my academic research, I frequently engage in other activities such as higher education teaching and science communication. I am a STEM Ambassador and a confident speaker.

Architecture Workshops - Speaker (paid)

STEM & STEAM Workshops For All Key Stages, From Reception To KS5. Make Your Science Week Come Alive With Our Unique Range Of Hands On Activities. Designed To Enhance The Curriculumn, While Making The Complex Simple And Learning Fun. STEM Workshops; Ferris Wheel; Geodesic Structures; Millennium Bridge/Dome; Octahedral Towers; Roller Coaster STEAM Workshops; Bridges, Shelters; Sculptures; Skyscrapers; www.architectureworkshops.org since 1996

Andrew Hanson MBE - Speaker (free)

Currently I'm mostly limited to online but have done some pretty engaging online workshops and talks with good interactions. Pet topics: colour measurement (because that's what I professionally did for many years); international system of units (SI) definitions and realisation; electronic music instruments (hobby); running fun measurement workshops (e.g. making pendulums); liquid nitrogen or water demo talks. As film-maker I'm happy to be involved in film related activities.

Science Made Simple - Speaker (paid)

We offer exciting, engaging and entertaining science shows and workshops for all occasions and audiences. Available in person or on-line, and adapted to meet your needs. So, if you want our 45 minute show but only have 30 minutes available, we’ll tailor it to suit you.

Simon Ould - Speaker (paid)

Simon Ould, the founder and presenter of the Space Odyssey mobile planetarium, has been offering spectacular, carefully-differentiated 360-degree 3D immersive learning experiences in four different sizes of mobile dome since 2004. Although based in the South West of England and South Wales, Space Odyssey can travel further afield on request, offering amazing learning opportunities for learners of all ages, from Nursery to A-level - and beyond! Please visit www.spaceodyssey.co.uk for more info!

Dr (Nitro)Jen Turner - Speaker (free)

Are you a School in Oxfordshire or Berkshire? Claim a free Science show! All we ask in return for the Free Science Show is an opportunity to offer our After School Science Club to children in your school. We are trying our very best to provide as many free shows as possible to schools in Oxfordshire and Berkshire, so that the children can experience our high energy science presentations and have the opportunity to investigate science further. Visit https://www.brightsparksscience.co.uk/

Dr (Nitro)Jen Turner - Speaker (paid)

Primary School Science Shows & Workshops. Inspire your class and take the strain out of designing intricate lesson plans! Use our practical and exciting workshops for as a class reward or even for a week of science! We make learning fun for everyone! Bright Sparks Science Workshops are the perfect way to reinforce science topics taught in the curriculum, while also saving you the expense of buying new materials and resources. Visit https://www.brightsparksscience.co.uk/school-science-workshops/

Dr Ken Farquhar - Speaker (paid)

Creative Science Shows and workshops for all audiences. School activities cater for all key stages and balance entertaining engagement with curriculum content. “Your workshops were an inspirational combination of theory and practice, mathematics and science." "We have used many of the scientific concepts illustrated in the show to support our Science lessons." For more info check out his website www.DrKenScience.com Or see him on YouTube - www.youtube.com/c/DrKenScience

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