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Citizen Science Isle of Wight - Adviser

Hello Island! Would you like to organise an event for British Science Week 2020 (or even 2021!) on the Isle of Wight, but not sure how to start? Or are you planning a British Science Week event and would like to link up with BSW20 events across the island? Or would you like 'Citizen Science IOW' or 'TimeSlide Animation Studio' to provide an interactive workshop or display? Contact citizenscienceiow@gmail.com or visit our website: https://citizenscienceiow.wixsite.com/events Speak to you soon!

Rebecca Osborne - Speaker (paid)

ANIMATION STYLES INCLUDE: Hand drawn animation Whiteboard style animation Papercut style animation Explainer videos Voice over - choice of actors/ dialects Music synchronisation Sound effects Bespoke music composition available Sign language interpretation available Captioning/ subtitles available **Please contact me for a quote**

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