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Mother Nature Science Workshop - Speaker (paid)

MNScience is looking for professional and inspirational Science Presenters and Party Presenters to join their team in London! Title: Science Presenter/ Party Presenter Job Type: Permanent - Part-Time Hours: Monday to Friday 15:30 to 16:30 for After School Clubs or between 10:00 and 17:30 on Saturdays and Sundays for Parties. Salary: Up to £30/session + travel bonus where applicable Location: NW9 9BW Start Date: ASAP- Email us your CV to careers@mnature.co.uk if interested

Daisy Shearer - Volunteer

I am a PhD candidate in experimental condensed matter physics at the University of Surrey’s Advanced Technology Institute, working within the Photonics and Quantum Sciences group in the physics department. My PhD research focuses on semiconductor spintronics for quantum technology applications. Alongside my academic research, I frequently engage in other activities such as higher education teaching and science communication. I am a STEM Ambassador and a confident speaker.

Architecture Workshops - Speaker (paid)

STEM & STEAM Workshops For All Key Stages, From Reception To KS5. Make Your Science Week Come Alive With Our Unique Range Of Hands On Activities. Designed To Enhance The Curriculumn, While Making The Complex Simple And Learning Fun. STEM Workshops; Ferris Wheel; Geodesic Structures; Millennium Bridge/Dome; Octahedral Towers; Roller Coaster STEAM Workshops; Bridges, Shelters; Sculptures; Skyscrapers; www.architectureworkshops.org since 1996

Glenn Heasley - Speaker (paid)

Hello! We are Go Fly Your Kite and we run STEM Kite Workshops all over the UK and Ireland. Our kite workshop STEM topics are Flight, Space & Engineering. Age range for our workshops are 8-11 years of age. Our workshops are in line with the National Curriculum . What flies? How do things fly? What do things that fly need? Gravity, aerodynamics, simple experiments, videos, building and flying kites! Fun through learning. Trace Colour Build and fly https://goflyourkite.com

Rick Hall - Speaker (free)

Rick is happy to work with event planners to design an activity, workshop, engagement project, presentation, training event, debate, quiz, conference or meeting, one-off or series

Simon Ould - Speaker (paid)

Simon Ould, the founder and presenter of the Space Odyssey mobile planetarium, has been offering spectacular, carefully-differentiated 360-degree 3D immersive learning experiences in four different sizes of mobile dome since 2004. Although based in the South West of England and South Wales, Space Odyssey can travel further afield on request, offering amazing learning opportunities for learners of all ages, from Nursery to A-level - and beyond! Please visit www.spaceodyssey.co.uk for more info!

Dr (Nitro)Jen Turner - Speaker (paid)

Primary School Science Shows & Workshops. Inspire your class and take the strain out of designing intricate lesson plans! Use our practical and exciting workshops for as a class reward or even for a week of science! We make learning fun for everyone! Bright Sparks Science Workshops are the perfect way to reinforce science topics taught in the curriculum, while also saving you the expense of buying new materials and resources. Visit https://www.brightsparksscience.co.uk/school-science-workshops/

Zee Dinally - Speaker (paid)

I run the UK's largest network of multi-purpose planetariums and learning STEM Domes, covering an impressive 15 subjects, in 10 languages and fully accessible to all SEND needs For BSW 2023, we are part funding the visits to schools with free travel anywhere in the UK, unlimited shows and programs, and free resources for schools and teachers. Please visit us online to find out more, and apply for a part funded visit by the end of January 2023 www.immersive-experiences.co.uk

Edwin Colyer - Speaker (paid)

Edwin is a highly experienced science journalist, communicator and public engagement practitioner - an ideal speaker, host or compere for events, dinners or away days. Through his agency, Scientia Scripta, he is on a mission to democratise science and innovation, for good. Edwin speaks eloquently and passionately about communication, engagement and how research should transforming lives. He also argues the ethical case for deep involvement of diverse publics across the R&D&I lifecycle.

Cooked Illustrations - Speaker (paid)

Cooked Illustrations wants to make every single event out there to have real, long-term impact and engagement for both the people who attend them and the public. How it Works A member of the team will attend your event to illustrate and record information being shared. We then take these away and create outcomes such as: social media posts and editorial work that will help the information from the event be remembered by attendees as well as reach a further audience by sharing.

Anita Loughrey - Speaker (paid)

David Hall - Speaker (paid)

Amazing interactive shows, STEM "busking", dynamic workshops - and more..! Available for schools, festivals and beyond - internationally..! For details visit www.davidhallworkshopsandshows.co.uk www.davidhallcoaching.com https://vimeo.com/davidhallworkshopsnshows or email davidshall@mac.com

Emma Ranade - Speaker (paid)

Emma Ranade is qualified science teacher and is passionate about getting primary children excited about practical science. She founded Fab Science to give every child the opportunity to get stuck in and be a scientist. Fab Science has delivered in-school workshops, events, parties and holiday activities to thousands of children. She designs every activity to stretch children's scientific thinking and spark curiosity...as well as being heaps of fun!

Peter Horton - Speaker (paid)

Particular focus on how Earth System Science can inform, encourage and sustain the transition to regenerative communities, using interactive and entertaining workshops and performance. All ages.

Ian Dunne - Speaker (paid)

Science...the best Bits for Primary age and Science Magic...Magic Science for secondary and public shows • Willing to travel: Anywhere in the UK • Virtual Shows and Workshops can be offered anywhere

Matthew Tosh - Speaker (paid)

REAL SCIENCE OR JUST BANGS: THE SCIENCE OF FIREWORKS Explore the colourful and explosive world of pyrotechnics as Matthew deconstructs the science behind firework displays. He'll demonstrate how to create colours, different sound effects, shock waves and perfectly timed bursts in time to music, whilst ensuring that displays are safe. Fully customisable to fit your venue or event and featuring real indoor fireworks, this is an exciting and dramatic show featuring real science.

Jerry Stone - Speaker (paid)

I give presentations on astronomy and space exploration all over the UK. I also present space workshops for schools across the UK, at both primary and secondary level. They include Space Is Big, Mission To Mars, The Great British Blast-Off, and Build The Space Station. Now we are planning to return to the Moon - a perfect opportunity to excite and inspire students with STEM activities. Contact me for more information. I also run team-building exercises for companies and other organisations.

Jon Wood - Speaker (paid)

‘School of Water Wizardry’ We dance as water molecules, forming ice and explaining density; We prove teachers wrong by taking water sub-zero; We stretch, bend and split water. When we’re ready, we’ll blow it up! Everyone graduates. Typically one hour, demo-based show suitable for primary, KS 3 & 4, family or large audiences.