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Rebecca Osborne - Speaker (paid)

ANIMATION STYLES INCLUDE: Hand drawn animation Whiteboard style animation Papercut style animation Explainer videos Voice over - choice of actors/ dialects Music synchronisation Sound effects Bespoke music composition available Sign language interpretation available Captioning/ subtitles available **Please contact me for a quote**

Beth Nichol - Speaker (free)

I'd like to attend an event to discuss the OCTAHEDRON project with the public and hear about their thoughts and concerns in an interactive and engaging way. The project aims to develop an early diagnostic tool for neurological disorders such as Parkinson's. To do this, it is using NHS data from 3D eye scans and artificial intelligence to create an algorithm. More information about OCTAHEDRON can be found here: https://www.ncl.ac.uk/press/articles/latest/2020/09/aiforparkinsonsandalzheimers/

Jon Evans - Speaker (free)

A 30-minute talk called What's the Big Idea?, where I count down the top 10 biggest ideas in science in the style of Top of the Pops. Based on my book 'The Big Ideas in Science'.

Daisy Shearer - Volunteer

I am a PhD candidate in experimental condensed matter physics at the University of Surrey’s Advanced Technology Institute, working within the Photonics and Quantum Sciences group in the physics department. My PhD research focuses on semiconductor spintronics for quantum technology applications. Alongside my academic research, I frequently engage in other activities such as higher education teaching and science communication. I am a STEM Ambassador and a confident speaker.

Elaine Kasket - Speaker (paid)

As a keynote speaker and trainer, I provide insights on living with technology, digital legacy, social media, grief and mourning, online privacy, navigating modern mediated relationships, and various psychological issues such as anxiety, depression, getting unstuck, mobilising towards values-orientated living, stress, burnout, and crises of meaning, value and purpose. I've spoken on kids, grief, and social media and do psychology careers talks. I'm an experienced interviewer and panel chair.

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