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Adrian Burden - Speaker (paid)

I am happy to speak to about technology entrepreneurship and what it takes to start, grow and exit a high tech business. During my talk, I refer to my business book Start to Exit, highlighting how my training as a scientist has helped in business and provided numerous opportunities to undertake exciting projects. As a STEM Ambassador I try to offer these talks pro-bono, but would charge a speaker fee to corporates and where the audience is paying for a ticket.

Ian Dunne - Speaker (paid)

Science...the best Bits for Primary age and Science Magic...Magic Science for secondary and public shows • Willing to travel: Anywhere in the UK • Virtual Shows and Workshops can be offered anywhere

Iain Murray - Speaker (paid)

Jon Wood - Speaker (paid)

‘School of Water Wizardry’ We dance as water molecules, forming ice and explaining density; We prove teachers wrong by taking water sub-zero; We stretch, bend and split water. When we’re ready, we’ll blow it up! Everyone graduates. Typically one hour, demo-based show suitable for primary, KS 3 & 4, family or large audiences.

Lydia Bird - Speaker (paid)

Nick Sayers - Speaker (paid)

I make art inspired by science, often using everyday materials: drawing machines from bicycles, long-exposure pinhole cameras from aluminium cans, spherical sculptures from recycled waste, a guided tour of the Solar System by bike. I run workshops with these activities, and give public talks about my work.

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