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Instant Expert: Mysteries of the Mind

You're in possession of one of the most complex and incredible objects in the known universe: the human brain. How does a 1.4 kilogram tangle of nerve cells allow you to sense, understand and change the world? How does it support thought, memory and consciousness? Join six expert speakers at our one-day intensive masterclass where they will be guiding you through why now is the most exciting time in the history of brain science!

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- Hannah Critchlow – neuroscientist at the University of Cambridge

- Sarah Garfinkel – professor in psychiatry at the University of Sussex

- Gina Rippon – professor of cognitive neuroimaging, Aston University

- Stuart Ritchie – lecturer at King's College London

- Plus 2 more expert speakers to be announced soon

- Hosted by Graham Lawton – New Scientist Features Writer


The Knowledge Centre at The British Library 96 Euston Road London NW1 2DB

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