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Alcohol: Truths, myths and legends

There are many stories about alcohol: you get more drunk drinking through a straw; you can get drunk from taking a bath in champagneor by putting your feet in a bucket of vodka; all of the alcohol put in a spaghetti bolognaise will have evaporated off by the time you eat it and that George Plantagenet, the brother of Richard III (he of Leicester car park fame), chose to be executed by being drowned in a barrel of wine. What are the truths behind these stories? All will be revealed…

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Dr Peter Maskell is a senior lecturer at Abertay University, teaching forensic and environmental toxicology and pharmacology. Recent works include the behaviour of alcohol in the body after death, and the uncertainty in how much you're drinking.


Hannah Maclure Centre, Abertay University Bell St Dundee DD1 1HP

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