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Born to Kill? The Neurobiology of Violent Crime

Are violent criminals born or made? With recent advances in neuroimaging techniques and genetic sequencing, there's now compelling evidence that violent crime may be biologically predisposed. In this lecture, Dr Pete Moult aims to explore the brain, its plasticity and the evidence for differences existing between the “normal” brain and that of the violent criminal. we'll ask the question, “if violent criminals really are predisposed to their actions what does this mean ethically and legally?"

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Dr Pete Moult is a lecturer in biomedical science at Abertay University. He is a Neuroscientist whose research interests focus on neuromodulation, synaptic plasticity, neuromuscular ageing and locomotor network modulation. The nervous system is made up of billions of neurons making up complex networks and pathways that control the function of every part of the body. They are highly dynamic, and undergo physiological changes. This work has applications to spinal cord injury and dementia.


Hannah Maclure Centre, Abertay University Bell St Dundee DD1 1HP

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