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Family Talk: Creation of Number (Bath Taps into Science Festival)

To celebrate Pi Day (14th March can be written 3.14) we have an entertaining overview of the very origins of mathematics and numbers. Deep philosophical questions, mathematical murder, puzzling proofs, and mysterious memes: they all lead us through the human story of numbers, to finish with one of the most celebrated mathematical images of modern times. Along the way: Who killed Hippasus? Just why is A4 paper 297mm long? How do you know when there are -1 sheep in a field?

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Ben Sparks is a Maths Communicator who works across the UK and the rest of the world inspring and enriching mathematical knowledge amongst his audiences. Ben works part time with the Further Maths Support Programme (FMSP), based at the University of Bath, as a speaker, tutor and co-ordinator, and part time as a freelance maths enrichment speaker. As a trained secondary school teacher he regularly gives talks and workshops to schools and conferences around the country.


Chancellors Building 1.10, University of Bath Claverton Down Road Bath BA2 7AY

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