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You are what you eat - Richard III's diet

As part of our 'The Science of Richard III' series for Science Week, the Visitor Centre is hosting a series of expert speakers who were each part of the team that analysed the remains of ‘Skeleton 1’. Students will have the chance to hear first-hand about the exciting work that took place behind the scenes after the archaeological dig. Dr Angela Lamb's talk will explore how isotopes helped to investigate Richard III’s life, from the food and drink he consumed, to where he travelled.

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Dr Angela Lamb is a Research Scientist at the British Geological Survey in Nottingham. She uses stable isotope techniques to investigate a wide range of materials from ancient bones and teeth to water, plants and sediments. She is especially interested in how humans and animals respond to environmental change.


King Richard III Visitor Centre 4a St Martins Leicester LE1 5DB

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