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SciBar: 'Bend it like Einstein-Gravitational Lensing'

Bend it like Einstein-Gravitational Lensing Speaker: Benjamin Joachimi Einstein's theory of general relativity predicts that light rays are bent by a massive body, to the point that it can behave like a magnifying glass. Such gravitational lensing effects have a number of exciting applications, from weighing the most massive objects in the Universe to proving the existence of dark matter to finding new earths. Discover the physics that made Einstein famous!

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Benjamin Joachimi began his career at the age of fourteen, trying to get a small telescope to work in his parents' back garden, and is now a Reader of astrophysics at University College London. In his day-to-day work he measures subtle changes in the appearance of millions of distant galaxies caused by gravitational lensing to map the dark matter distribution in the Universe and learn about the fundamental ingredients of the cosmos.


The Star of Kings 126 York Way London N1 0AX

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