Nature without Nurture - What’s Wrong with Blank Slate View?

In the debate over the influence of inheritance versus environment on our personalities, the "blank slate" theory held sway for decades. So, are we born as raw canvases upon which the world uniquely traces its mark, or does nature impart innate qualities from the get-go? Join evolutionary psychologist Alastair Davies to explore the background of, and potential problems with the blank slate theory, and consider how we might better understand how we came to be who we are.

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Evolutionary psychologist Alastair Davies believes it’s time to re-assess the Blank Slate hypothesis and consider where it leads us and what risks might emerge if we get it wrong.
He is Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Regents University, London, specialising in evolutionary psychology, and human mating, infidelity and sex differences.
Alastair sits on the board of peer-review journal Evolutionary Psychology and is an editor of the Encyclopaedia of Evolutionary Psychological Science.


The Old King's Head King's Head Yard, 45-49 Borough High Street London SE1 1NA

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