British Science Week 2024 - Who can be a scientist?

Linking science to real-world careers and ambitions for our children, providing inspiration and motivation for their learning. We would like to focus on the children seeing themselves reflected and that people of all races, genders, nationalities and abilities can have careers in science. We also want to create memorable, practical experiences. Seeking speakers who can speak effectively to primary-aged children (7-11) about their careers in science and/or lead practical demonstrations!

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We would like our speakers to share with the children what their job involves, how they got into the career and perhaps a little about their own educational experiences. The children will have pre-prepared questions to ask the speakers, including asking them what science means to them. Practical activities or demonstrations would be a huge bonus too!

Please get in touch if this is something you would be able to offer. We can be flexible with scheduling during the week.

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