The balanced brain: The science of mental health

There are many routes to mental well-being, and award-winning neuroscientist Camilla Nord is at the forefront of finding them. In this lecture, she offers a revelatory tour of the scientific and technological developments that are revolutionising the way we think about mental health, showing why and how events - and treatments - can affect people in such different ways.

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Camilla Nord leads the Mental Health Neuroscience Lab at the University of Cambridge. Her lab explores the brain, body, and cognitive changes that drive mental health and disorder. Her lab’s s aim is to translate insights from neuroscience into improved treatments for mental health conditions, whether that’s by making better use of our current treatment arsenal by targeting treatments to personalised brain or cognitive profiles, or inventing novel, neuroscience-based treatments.


The Royal Institution 21 Albermarle St London W1S 4BS

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