Discourse: Advancements in molecular inorganic chemistry

In this thought-provoking Discourse from Royal Society of Chemistry President Gill Reid, delve into the remarkable contributions that chemistry has made to our world, from groundbreaking discoveries to life-saving innovations. Explore the power of collaboration and how it fuels scientific progress, fostering new ideas and breakthroughs. Unleash your creativity as you witness the boundless potential for innovation and transformation that chemistry offers.

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Gill Reid is a Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Southampton and served as Head of the School between 2016 and 2020.
Born and raised in Central Scotland, Gill obtained her BSc and PhD at the University of Edinburgh before being appointed to a lectureship in Chemistry at Southampton in 1991. She became a professor in 2006.
She is the current President of the Royal Society of Chemistry (2022 - 2024) and served as an elected Trustee of the Society (2011-15).


The Royal Institution 21 Albermarle St London W1S 4BS

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