Ultra-processed people: The harsh reality of ultra-processed food

The industrialisation and commercialisation of food have transformed our diets, whereby most of our calories now come from an entirely novel set of substances. Ultra Processed Food (UPF) now makes up 60% of the average diet in the UK and USA. It is highly processed, highly addictive, and largely unhealthy. Join award-winning broadcaster, practising NHS doctor and leading academic Chris van Tulleken as he explores the invention of UPF and its impact on our health and weight.

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Chris van Tulleken is an infectious diseases doctor at UCLH and one of the UK’s leading science broadcasters. He has won two BAFTAs for his long-running CBBC series Operation Ouch, co-presented with his twin brother Xand, and hosted numerous programmes across the BBC. Following his BBC One documentary ‘What Are We Feeding Our Kids?’ and the chart-topping podcast ‘A Thorough Examination – Addicted to Food’, Chris has become the UK’s go-to expert on ultra-processed food.


The Royal Institution 21 Albermarle St London W1S 4BS

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